3 Social Media Marketing Tips That Will Keep Your Brand On Trend

Social media costs nothing and can gain you everything. Here are 3 simple marketing tips to help you master social media (and some options that Passerelle Marketing might be able to help with).

Don’t Shy Away From Negativity.

Sometimes all it takes to get yourself a little exposure is to respond to negative trolls. Hilary Clinton did this effortlessly during her campaign. When @realDonaldTrump tweeted out an icky reference to Frozen, Hilary simply tweeted back “Do you want to build a straw man?” You should never be disrespectful, but wit is always headline making.
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Keep Twitter as Your Main Account.

Yes. You need to dabble in it all, but you cannot endlessly pour into every account if you are a small business. This will end up meaning that you have dozens of lacklustre media presences. Instead, focus on Twitter and let the other accounts trickle down from it.
Be True to Your Brand.

A Calgary branding firm such as Passerelle Marketing and others alike always suggest being true to who you are as a brand. Do not tweet, post or be anything that you are not.

Whether you are a small upstart or a major corporation, all the same rules apply. When you take the time to care about your social media image, your audience will take the time to care about what you do, leading to endless successes that come at no cost other than dedication.

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Why You Should Be Working With An Inbound Marketing Calgary Firm

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As a new business owner, you have the option of reaching out to your market through various platforms that connect you to the general public so you can deliver your marketing spiel. With this outbound approach, you’ll likely encounter a few people who are interested in what you have to say, but you’ll also be wasting resources and time on countless consumers who are only tuning you out. The alternative is to work with an inbound marketing Calgary firm that can help you connect with people who are already actively looking for what you have to offer. Rather than attempting to draw people in, you’ll be placing a greater focus on helping hot prospects find you. These individuals will be both easy and inexpensive to convert.

Good Online Marketing Starts With SEO

The surest and simplest way to connect with consumers who are already looking for your services or wares is by hiring a great SEO Calgary company. This organization can implement Google Adwords campaigns on your behalf for immediate, first page placement for popular search terms. Your provider can also devise traditional and organic SEO campaigns that lure people in, build trust and help you build a strong and easy to recognize brand. Inbound marketing can be infinitely more effective than outbound efforts and it is guaranteed to be far cheaper. This remains true even when you have seasoned professionals heading these efforts up.

If you’re not in Calgary and looking Canada wide for the best marketing firm Halifax is the city to visit. They foster so much creativity it’s insane. If you’re not even going to settle with one of their firms you have to go and at the very least just soak in the culture and gain some innovation from it all. You won’t be disappointed in the visit, trust us!