Tips on Finding the Right Branding Agency

The typical branding agency from the past (or at least a professional branding agency) have concentrated on the standard mission, vision and values approach. And yes, this works nicely as it knows what a company stands for and aligns the brand about that. But in practice through time, I have noticed several things that occur, firstly, the customer starts to feel engaged in the process, they become excited and begin to get more involved (all great ), however, in certain instances I see that since they start to have to understand our procedures and get more involved they stop focusing on the end result and start to refer back into the job, aligning to exactly what exactly are they are today, or what they want to attain, and the customer gets increasingly drawn to the procedure. And although it’s good to find the customers attention and involvement from the branding process, it isn’t so good for the branding to lose grasp of the final result. Continue reading

Why You Should Be Working With An Inbound Marketing Calgary Firm

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As a new business owner, you have the option of reaching out to your market through various platforms that connect you to the general public so you can deliver your marketing spiel. With this outbound approach, you’ll likely encounter a few people who are interested in what you have to say, but you’ll also be wasting resources and time on countless consumers who are only tuning you out. Continue reading